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January : Drunken Shrimp by CDone

Winter Steelhead Fly Swap

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A close look at the Ross CLA by Coastrider
So when it came time for my saler reels I did my research, looked at all the reels and then had a hard look at my budget. Of all the reels I looked at I ended up with 2 CLA's, one #7 and one #2 with 4 extra spools. I was going to use the #7 on my 13' 8/9 for chinooks on the beach but that plan never worked and the reel moved on. My #2 however has been tested on my 4wt sea run rod. My first catch was a January coho that sure as hell tested me even though it was colored up. I didnt want to loose my first fish, even if it was an old boot :D Here is a closer look into what I believe is the best all water reel for around the $200 mark.

Heres my #2 on my Batson build up with its first fish, yes.....thats a 9' 4wt!

Hows that for a dirty old coho, not what we expect to find fishing in January for cutties

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First off, thank you for taking the time to read this over. I have created this forum on the basis that I knew what I wanted in a forum but couldn't make changes to any forum I belonged to. As most of you know, I have been a member of many forums and one in particular I was a moderator. I believe that a forum cannot really succeed without the input of its members and this is where I believe other sites fall short on. I had made numerous suggestions as a moderator but never had them followed up on. I encourage all of you to take the time to post up in "Forum Reviews" if you have ideas to improve the site, be it removal of content or addition of it(I will listen and respond). Secondly PNW Fly Fishing Forum is a "Not For Profit" web forum based out of the East Coast of Vancouver Island , however we welcome all from B.C., Washington, Oregon, Alberta and all visitors alike.  I had originally expected the site not to be much more than a few fishing buddies sharing stories, but once I started developing the site I realized I wanted more for us all. Thru only the word of mouth the site is increasing in popularity quickly. Eventually the site will need to be upgraded to keep up with its traffic but this only comes at a cost. For now to preserve what we have I am asking if possible to use Photobucket or similar websites to upload your photo or videos to and use external links. As time progresses I will be starting a Banner Ad on the forum used to create revenue that will be used to keep our forum going with limited cost to myself. Any excess funds will be used either to upgrade our site, create decals, or donate to a Not For Profit society with regards to fish and fish habitat recovery. For now I will need your trust that this will happen and I am not here for the money, as there is none at this point. I have spent many days working on this site and expect nothing in return but to provide a community for fellow fly fishers to enjoy and some support for our local Non Profit Societies.

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